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RF shielded Chamber Room, RF shielded Anechoic/ Room Manufacturer & Supplier

  • Modular Shielded enclosures are designed to meet the Shielding requirements.
  • These can be dismantled & relocated to some other space for reuse.
  • Shielded panels bolted together & Gasket is used to avoid any RF Leakage between two panels.
  • Provide shielding effectiveness from 60 dB to 100 dB based on requirement.
  • Available in wide range & customized manufacturing based on client requirements.
Applications for RF shielded rooms are:-
  • RF shield data center (MER Room).
  • Conference hall and crisis control centers.
  • Amplifier & Control rooms of Test.
  • In Reverberation chambers
  • Semi Anechoic chambers
  • MRI Shield Rooms
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Frequency (KHz/MHz/GHz) Field  Attenuation(dB)
10 kHz  Magnetic  55 dB
14 kHz  Magnetic  60 dB
200 kHz to 1 MHz  Magnetic  100 dB
14 kHz to 400 MHz  Electric  100 dB
400 MHz to 1 GHz   Plane Wave  100 dB
1 GHz to 10 GHz  Plane Wave 100 dB
10 GHz to 18 GHz Microwave 100 dB
18 GHz to 40 GHz Microwave 100 dB


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